CO-Founder für die Testphase

!DISCLAIMER: no data-related issue!

hydrovert is a project/joint-venture that aims to produce turquoise hydrogen, preferablyout of biogas!

First priority is the proof of concept@Munich.
That entails kick-off funding such as XPRENEURS / exist...

A role of major importance with easy access to co-foundership is:
- Chemist for technical research/debates/experiments and preferably an interest in the production of clean energy as well as knowledge knowledge of catalysts

Assisting, less time-consuming roles could be:
- Buisness developement/administration/management/financing/market research

The initiator is an ENTP-A personality and speaks German, English, French, Russian.
A co-founder loves to travel, network and represent.
Another technically minded Dr. is about to join.


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